April 6, 2018

Past Productions

1 “1955”,”Spring”,”Yellow Sands”,”A fishy tale”
2 “1955”,”Autumn”,”Once a Gentleman”,”Money´s not the root of all evil”
3 “1956”,”Spring”,”Quiet Week-end”,”It was anything but”
4 “1956”,”Autumn”,”Who Lies There”,”An Edwardian mystery”
5 “1957”,”Spring”,”This Happy Breed”,”The first Noel Coward play”
6 “1957”,”Autumn”,”Without the Prince”,”He was bard from Hamlet”
7 “1958”,”Spring”,”Golden Rain”,”Spend, spend spend!! (£18,000)”
8 “1958”,”Autumn”,”My Three Angels”,”Convicts came to the rescue”
9 “1959”,”Spring”,”Haul for the Shore”,”Contraband in a Cornish fishing village”
10 “1959”,”Autumn”,”Arsenic and Old Lace”,”Not two, but three nights of elderberry wine”
11 “1960”,”Spring”,”The Ghost Train”,”Rattling good effects”
12 “1960”,”Autumn”,”The White Sheep of the Family”,”Ewes turn black”
13 “1961”,”Spring”,”Blithe Spirit”,”Is there any body there?”
14 “1961”,”Autumn”,”The Holly and the Ivy”,”The wanderer returns”
“1962”,”Spring”,”The Shop at Sly Corner”,”Antique murders”
16 “1962”,”Autumn”,”Devonshire Cream”,”Love on the corn bin”
17 “1963”,”Spring”,”Treasure Hunt”,”The treasure was in the hat”
18 “1963”,”Autumn”,”The Happiest Days of your Life”,”Boys & girls together created mayhem”
19 “1964”,”Spring”,”The Chiltern Hundreds”,”Upper class author, upper crust comedy”
20 “1964”,”Autumn”,”Pink String and Sealing Wax”,”5 of the cast on stage for first time”
21 “1965”,”Spring”,”The Middle Watch”,”Naval salute for 21stproduction”
22 “1965”,”Autumn”,”Beside the Seaside”,”A holiday romp at Seaview”
23 “1966”,”Spring”,”The Love Match”,”North Country passions, football, fags & beer”
24 “1966”,”Autumn”,”The Breadwinner”,”The eternal conflict between youth and age”
25 “1967”,”Spring”,”One Wild Oat”,”Guess who dressed as a lady”
26 “1967”,”Autumn”,”When we are Married”,”Lucifers devilish good effect”
27 “1968”,”Spring”,”Goodnight Mrs. Puffin”,”Dreams of the future”
28 “1968”,”Autumn”,”Hay Fever”,”Noel Coward yet again (a light comedy)”
29 “1969”,”Spring”,”The Late Christopher Bean”,”Emlyn William´s comedy”
30 “1969”,”Autumn”,”Sailor Beware”,”Ferrets galore!”
31 “1970”,”Spring”,”Hot and Cold in all Rooms”,”Fruit salad sliding down the walls!”
32 “1970”,”Autumn”,”Pools Paradise”,”£18,000 “who wanted to spend, spend, spend”?”
33 “1971”,”Spring”,”I’ll Get My Man”,”Sacks and sacks of mail for the parson”
34 “1971”,”Autumn”,”Pillar to Post”,”When the door bell rang, who lost his trousers?”
35 “1972”,”Autumn”,”Cat among the Pigeons”,”Feathers flying in Alfred Tinsley´s villa in Helliford”
36 “1973”,”Spring”,”The Devil was Sick”,”Revue in paper “The devil was very sick”
37 “1975”,”Spring”,”On Monday Next”,”Only play with live animal on stage (poodle)”
38 “1977”,”Spring”,”Easy Money”,”First play after stage changed ends”
39 “1977”,”Autumn”,”Aunt Edwina”,”He burnt his bra”
40 “1978”,”Spring”,”Murder at the Vicarage”,”First Agatha Christie”
41 “1978”,”Autumn”,”Flat Spin”,”A farce which didn´t fall flat on the stage”
42 “1979”,”Autumn”,”Here we come Gathering”,”Empty stage and smelly duck!”
43 “1980”,”Spring”,”Big Bad Mouse!”,”Chunkibix and chunky bits”
44 “1980”,”Autumn”,”The Creature Creeps”,”A monster production”
45 “1981”,”Spring”,”Time, Murderer Please”,”First split set”,
46 “1981”,”Autumn”,”Basinful of the Briny”,”Holiday romp at Seaview Part 2″
47 “1982”,”Spring”,”Not Now, Darling”,”Not a lot under those fur coats!”
48 “1982”,”Autumn”,”Sweeney Todd”,”A bloody good play”
49 “1983”,”Spring”,”Halfway up the Tree”,”Hippies and flares”
50 “1983”,”Autumn”,”The Hollow”,”The parson´s bell was late”
51 “1984”,”Spring”,”A Public Mischief”,”Pleasantly ridiculous”
52 “1984”,”Autumn”,”The Brides of March”,”Harem – one for the men”
53 “1985”,”Spring”,”No Time for Fig Leaves”,”Only two men – one for the women”
54 “1985”,”Autumn”,”Candied Peel”,”Sweet and sour”
55 “1986”,”Spring”,”Key for Two”,”3 in a bed”
56 “1986”,”Autumn”,”See How They Run”,”So who is the vicar here?”
57 “1987”,”Spring”,”Small Hotel”,”A touch of Basil!”
58 “1987”,”Autumn”,”The Continental Quilt”,”What was in the matchbox?”,
59 “1988”,”Spring”,”Wanted – One Body”,”Country mansion, back passages and a suit of armour”
60 “1988”,”Autumn”,”Running Riot”,”The Olympics come to Stewkley”
61 “1989”,”Spring”,”Gosforth’s Fete & Knightsbridge”,”2 one-act plays – 2 sets”
62 “1989”,”Autumn”,”The Murder of Maria Marten”,”Victorian melodrama”
63 “1990”,”Spring”,”Surprise Package”,”Only play set in Spain”
64 “1990”,”Autumn”,”Robinson Crusoe”,”First Panto (look behind you)”
65 “1991”,”Spring”,”A Murder is Announced”,”Agatha Christie whodunit”
661991″,”Autumn”,”On the Verge”,”Country retreat – beware of the bull”
67 “1992”,”Spring”,”Man Alive”,”What a lot of dummies”
68 “1992”,”Autumn”,”Beyond Reasonable Doubt”,”When the audience was the jury”
69 “1993”,”Spring”,”Tom Jones”,”4 nights of a randy romp with cleavage aplenty”
70 “1993”,”Autumn”,”Deadwood Dick”,”Wild West & songs to boot – Yee Ha!”
71 “1994”,”Spring”,”Murdered to Death”,”Rich in suspense & chocolate cake”
72 “1994”,”Autumn”,”Henry the Tudor Dude”,”1st musical. (Cast all went to hospital)”
73 “1995”,”Spring”,”Cider with Rosie”,”Evocative country tale”
74 “1995”,”Autumn”,”Who Goes Bare”,””The Stag at Bay” covered the important bits”
75 “1996”,”Spring”,”Underground”,”Wow, what a set”
76 “1996”,”Autumn”,”The Rumpelstiltskin Racket”,”Pots & pots of green paint”
77 “1997”,”Spring”,”Murder in Play”,”Close call in the wardrobe”
78 “1997”,”Autumn”,”Dick Turpin”,”A loveable thigh-slapping rogue”
79 “1998”,”Spring”,”Black Widow”,”Chilling”
80 “1998”,”Autumn”,”Hobson’s Choice”,”A load of cobblers”
81 “1999”,”Spring”,”Play On!”,”Real luvvies”
82 “1999”,”Autumn”,”And This Was Odd”,”The ghostly fun was merry and bright”
83 “2000”,”Spring”,”Mr. Quigley’s Revenge”,”Biggest cast yet”
84 “2000”,”Autumn”,”The Coarse Acting Show”,”Bedlam back stage”
85 “2001”,”Spring”,”Tartuffe”,”17th century posh stuff”
86 “2001”,”Autumn”,”Jack and the Beanstalk”,”A tall story with a giant ending”
87 “2002”,”Spring”,”´Allo ´allo”,”The irresistible Resistance and the loveable Bosch”
88 “2002”,”Autumn”,”Nell´s Belles”,”Charlie´s darlings”
89 “2003”,”Spring”,”It Runs in the Family”,”First snow on stage”
90 “2003”,”Autumn”,”The Darling Buds of May”,”Those were the days”
91 “2004”,”Spring”,”Fatal Encounter”,”Death can be fatal”
92 “2004”,”Autumn”,”Twelfth Man”,”Bumptious cricketers meet their match”
93 “2005”,”Spring”,”It’ll be Alright on the Night”
94 “2005”,”Autumn”,”A Tomb with a View”
95 “2006”,”Spring”,”Not Now Darling”
96 “2006”,”Autumn”,”Charley’s Aunt”
97 “2007”,”Spring”,”Off the Hook !”
98 “2007”,”Autumn”,”Panto Goes Wild West !”
99 “2008”,”Spring”,”Canterbury Tales”
100 “2008”,”Autumn”,”The Unexpected Guest”
101 “2009”,”Spring”,”Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime”
102 “2009”,”Autumn”,”Nil By Mouth”
103 “2010”,”Spring”,”Tons Of Money”
104 “2010”,”Autumn”,”Black Coffee”
105 “2011”,”Spring”,”HOLIDAY SNAP”
106 “2011”,”Autumn”,”THE TITFIELD THUNDERBOLT”
107 “2012”,”Spring”,”Pull the Other One”
108 “2012”,”Autumn”,”SPYGAME”
109 “2013”,”Spring”,”CALENDAR GIRLS”
110 “2013”,”Autumn”,”The WIND in the WILLOWS”
111 “2014”,”Spring”,”The FOX on the FAIRWAY”
112 “2014”,”Autumn”,”AFTER the FLAGS and BANDS / STEWKLEY GOD HELP US”
113 “2015”,”Spring”,”THE 39 STEPS”
114 “2015”,”Autumn”,”Black Adder”
116 “2016”,”Autumn”,”ARE YOU BEING SERVED ?”
117 “2017”,”Spring”,”ONE MAN, TWO GUVNORS”
118 “2017”,”Autumn”,”Death by Design”
119 “2018”,”Spring”,”Dick Barton, EpisodeIII, Tango of Terror”

Stewkley Players