April 6, 2018


Aiming to support the spirit of the village through our activities, we usually produce two plays each year, one at the end of March, the other at the end of November.

What to expect of a typical Players Year:
During the summer we may also produce other plays or sketches if requested – e.g. murder mystery evenings – provided enough people can be found to participate!

We also try to hold a “theme evening” each month when stories, poetry, articles are read, songs are sung, music played – all on a previously chosen subject. We meet in someoneĀ“s house
each bringing his/her chosen piece and a beverage; a pleasant time is had by all.

Casting Meetings are held at the beginning of January and September, when the chosen play is revealed and members invited to read for parts.
Prospective members are welcome to the casting meeting, whether they are interested in acting or helping with some other activity such as sound, lighting, costumes, props or scene shifting, it is wise to tell the producer if you definitely do not want to act.

Rehearsals are held each Monday and Friday at the Village Hall, from 8 until 10 pm, please just drop in if you want to get a feel for it; dress rehearsals take place on the last Friday and Monday before the performance.
Takes place on Sunday mornings, for about eight weeks before each production.
You are welcome to come and give a hand *we need people with a wide range of skills* or just a willingness to help
These are all organised during the rehearsal period, and provide opportunities to help with staging plays if taking a part is too big a commitment.

The stage is cleared the morning after the final performance. A more formal meeting known as the “Settling-Up Meeting” takes place some days later, where the performance outcome is discussed and the producer reports back on the production.

Stewkley Players