Casting Meetings

The starting point for every production is the casting meeting which is held early January for the March production, and early September for the November production. The dates for casting meetings are advertised in the Grapevine and on the Players Facebook page. Apart from the acting roles, there are a number of backstage and front stage positions that need to be filled. These are:

Stage manager – oversees the set building and the ste building crew, and manages the backstage area during production week

Prompt – prompts through rehearsals and production week – if needed!

Props – source all on stage and personal props required. This can be a very creative role.

Costumes – dress the cast using the Players’ wardrobe or hiring in costumes if necessary.

Lighting – hang the Players lights, develop and implement the lighting plot during rehearsals and production week

Sound – develop and run the sound effects track during rehearsals and production week

Publicity – ensure publicity in Stewkley and surrounding villages and develop the programme

Box office – manages all ticket sales

Front of house manager and helpers – look after all patrons during production week and sell the raffle tickets.

All roles have detailed job descriptions and many are filled by more than one person. For an average production, more than ¾ of the membership are involved in one capacity or another.

Job descriptions for the production roles will be handed out by the Producer of each production.