Generally productions are staged during the months of March and November. Any member can volunteer to produce. The producer has the privilege of deciding what play will be staged.

The duties of a producer are detailed in a job description which may be read here:-


The Producer also assumes the role of Director and is responsible for overseeing the entire production.

His/her duties in approximate chronological order are:-

  • Choose the play
  • Order play copies (sufficient copies should be ordered to enable every cast member, however small the part, to have a copy of the script as well as all backstage crew
  • Confirm dates of meetings with Village Hall representative, any changes or additions to hall bookings to be made via the VH rep
  • Allocating rehearsals and deciding on date by which lines are to be learnt
  • Ensure prospective cast and appointments know that regular attendance at rehearsals isexpected and is essential in the run-up to the production
  • Cast play and appointments, giving out job descriptions for appointments (see attached sheets).
  • Liaise with backstage appointments
  • Arrange for licence to be obtained
  • Supervise and direct rehearsals
  • Arrange set building (NB: if social function in hall requires use of stage it must be left in an acceptable state draped with curtains if necessary)
  • Liaise with committee concerning approximate production costs including the hire of special equipment and get committee approval for any exceptional item over £100
  • Consult committee on any desired change to the normal front of house or publicity procedures including any changes to the publicity posters.
  • Liaise with Publicity to produce programme with cast and production details, title page and, if required, producer’s notes
  • Liaise with Publicity to ensure mailing list is available and accessible at least 2 weeks prior to tickets going on sale.
  • Ensure the village hall designated ‘Licensee’ or other provider (eg Rec Committee) is contacted re the bar
  • Maintain constant feedback from publicity, ticket sales and all appointments
  • Decide when to have National Anthem and interval
  • Be responsible for completing the appropriate form from AVDC if a Junior Member is appearing on stage
  • Make the final decision on any production-related matter

Post Production

  • Arrange time for striking set and supervising same
  • Agree with Props Master / Mistress which props, if any, will enter the props inventory
  • Be responsible for checking that everywhere is left in a presentable and safe condition and that VH lights over stage and at the sides of stage are working
  • Provide a report at Settling Up meeting
  • Pass Players Play file (if used) onto next producer, or a committee member, if no producer has been identified